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We have over 20 years experience in IT working with hundreds of businesses, large and small. We start by treating our clients with the respect they deserve. It’s not easy building a small business, and technology shouldn’t be the holdup. Our relationships are more important than our commission. We focus on helping people with their technology. Not technology holding people hostage.

Trusted Partner

Our goal is to work with clients who want a strong relationship with their IT partner. Companies trust us to manage their IT, so they can focus on managing their business. We are their Trusted Partner.


Our business is about the people. Anybody can do IT but not everyone is a people person. Velocity focuses on hiring people-focused consultants who provide excellent customer service.

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Mike Meadows


About Mike Meadows

As president of Velocity IT, Mike is always looking for ways to support local businesses. When he finds a local business with great customer service, he finds it easier to recommend the business to friends, and works to treat Velocity’s clients with the same respect. He aims to treat the client well and provide excellent customer service. When not at work, Mike enjoys natural horsemanship training. He and his wife have four horses ranging in age from six-years-old to 27-years-old on their 25-acre farm.

Phil Stuck

Vice President

About Phil Stuck

Phil drives Velocity to provide excellent customer service to all clients, including the “mom and pop” shops that can often get ignored in this industry. With a family history in small business, he knows the value small businesses play in our country and so dedicates time to ensure companies of all sizes can achieve their goals. When not helping clients form partnerships, his sport-oriented kids keep him busy. Phil is a self-proclaimed foodie, so can also be found cooking up something fun or visiting a local spot.

Kyle Tolliver


About Kyle Tolliver

With six years of industry experience, Kyle knows that often clients come to their IT partners when the situation is already stressful, and so he keeps customer service at the top of mind, and aims to end the call with a mutual laugh or at least with the client smiling. Clients might interact with him when setting up a new computer in their office, or when rooting for the source of slow internet. When not at work, Kyle can be found with his wife and friends watching MMA and pro-wrestling or the Cincinnati Reds, and playing board games. If you ever have trouble sleeping, just ask Kyle to explain the rules to one of his many complicated European board games!

Ben Mathews


About Ben Mathews

Starting as an intern in 2017, Ben has been a part of the Velocity team for more than five years. As a people person, he most enjoys working with clients and helping in any way from building relationships, project management to onboarding new clients. He can help with a new IT project or discuss your cocktail from last Friday night, or anything in between. He fully believes that Velocity is a “people company that happens to work in IT” and values the client’s entire business and works to create solutions that align holistically to the needs of the client. As an avid Buckeyes fan, you’ll find him tuned in during football season. In addition, he owns a karate dojo and is passionate about passing down the art of karate to the next generation.

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